Final Pre-Season Prep!


Well the past few weeks have literally been a sprint in trying to get things in place for the first race, ermmm today!

The chargecooler setup was finally finished, bled up and road tested. With a hot car, restarted after sitting for 10 minutes the air intake temps were at 27 degrees C. Within 30 seconds of starting the car, air intake temps were down to 15 degrees C! In comparrison we were struggling to get sub 30 degree temps with our previous efforts with air-to-air intercoolers. The fan and pump for the chargecooler are operated with a switch on the dash, so it’s perfect for sitting in queues on the road or to go on the track.


We finally got the car to someone to do the alignment for us, after finding nearly all the big alignment guys were fully booked for the next few weeks. So big thanks to WH Tyres in Bonnybridge for helping us with the last minute setup and help with those stubborn bolts! I’m personally looking forward to seeing how the car performs on the track now it’s been properly aligned for the first time since we’ve owned it!

To get to every event, as this is a road car, we drive to every event. We do this on the standard MR2 roadster facelift 15″ front and 16″ rear setup with bog standard 195 and 205 profile tyres front and back. For racing we using a set of 17″ OZ SuperTurismo alloys with staggered 205 and 225 profile MaxSport RB5 tyres which gives us a much bigger contact patch on the track to control the power of the turbo. Running bigger 17s gives me a longer 2nd gear, which in theory takes me to 72mph in 2nd at the limitier. This should stop the need for short shifting into 3rd at Kames which is where the first event is.

Without our sponsors we wouldn’t have these fantastic tyres to use, so as promised it was time to sticker up the car with the sponsor names and and a newly designed livery for the 2018 season. So, I really must get to bed as I need to leave early to get to Kames, but keep an eye out for a race report in the coming days.